Colorado’s First Organic Skin Care Company

Farming runs in the Morgan family. Lily Morgan, founder of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, is a seventh generation American farmer. She’s a pioneer in the organic skin care industry with the first Colorado organic skin care company.

“What makes us so special is we’re the only skin care company in the world that you can buy directly from a USDA Certified Organic grower,” said Lily Morgan.

Growing up on a farm in Michigan, Morgan moved to Colorado at the age of sixteen with a pair of used skis and not much more. Morgan experienced skin care problems growing up with severe acne. Her parents couldn’t afford to fill the prescriptions from the dermatologist, and most skin care products sold in stores didn’t help her acne improve.

“When I was 13-years-old, I had severe acne. It was so bad, I didn’t get invited to my high school prom,” said Morgan. “It really shaded my life in a very negative way and made me very insecure.”

In 1986, she founded Lilly Farm Fresh Skin Care. It’s the only skin care line customers can buy directly from a USDA Certified Organic grower. Many herb and plants for the products are grown in her organic farm in Colorado.

“We grow our own ingredients. My nephew and I planted every plant, which is 800 this year, and we hand harvest everything,” said Morgan.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is located on 15 acres in Henderson with plans to expand. Morgan bought 80 acres in Keenesburg for a new headquarters facility. At the new location, customers can see how the skin care products are made. It will also have an event center for weddings and corporate retreats. With plans to be ready in the spring of 2017, Morgan hopes it will become an agritourism destination in Colorado.

Morgan has received support from the Small Business Development Center in Denver. Most of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care’s sales are in Natural Grocers and Whole Foods Market. In fact, Natural Grocers founder, Margaret Isley, was her first customer. Thirty years ago, she started with one product and it has now grown to twenty.

“We’ll keep growing our own ingredients, growing the farm, we’re going to be growing the farm center and manufacturing,” said Morgan. “We do most of our business here, we are Colorado.”

Fast Facts

Location Henderson, CO
Operations Headquarters
Industry Agriculture
Employees 5
Lily Morgan Founder

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